WIC-1B-S/T-V3 card price in Karachi
Cisco WIC-1B-S/T-V3 Card
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Cisco WIC-1B-S/T-V3 Card


1-Port ISDN WAN Interface Card (dial and leased line)

Cisco products in Pakistan


The network modules provide various port densities to meet customer requirements at various price points. The optional, integrated NT1 lets customers consolidate customer premises equipment (CPE) to provide multifunction dial access server, router, and other capabilities within the Cisco routers in power-branch-office environments.

The WAN-interface-card (WIC) option offers a single ISDN BRI port (with optional NT1). The WIC-1B-S/T-V3 inserts into a mixed-media network module or is Supported on Cisco 1700, 1800, 2600, 2800, 3660, 3700 and 3800 series routers.

The 1-Port ISDN BRI WAN Interface Card offers a single ISDN BRI connection via an RJ-45 connector. It requires an external NT-1 device for connection to the WAN This interface card inserts into a Cisco mixed-media network module or directly into a Cisco WAN Interface Card (WIC) expansion slot.


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