VWIC2 2MFT T1/E1 card price in Karachi
Cisco VWIC2 2MFT T1/E1 Card
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Cisco VWIC2 2MFT T1/E1 Card


VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1 Router Multiflex Voice/WAN interface Card, 2-Port 2nd Gen Multiflex Trunk Voice/WAN Int. Card – T1/E1

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Manufacturer Cisco
Product ID VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1
Product Description 2-Port 2nd Gen Multiflex Trunk Voice/WAN Int. Card – T1/E1
Product Type Voice/WAN Interface Card
Marketing Information The Cisco 2-port T1/E1 multiflex interface cards provide voice and data access to the PSTN domain through TDM ports. They are dual-port trunk interfaces for voice, data, and integrated voice and/or data applications. These cards provide basic structured service for T1 or E1 networks and unstructured service for fractional E1 networks. The cards include an integrated DSU/CSU. Some cards also support the drop-and-insert process, which adds data to a T1 or E1 data stream, or which terminates data from a T1 or E1 data stream to other devices connected to the drop-and-insert equipment
Application/Usage Voice
Interfaces/Ports 2 x T1/E1 WAN
Interfaces/Ports Details 2 x RJ-48C T1/E1 WAN
Connectivity Media Category 5 STP/UTP
Data Transfer Rate 1.54 Mbps T1
2.05 Mbps E1
Management MIB and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
Protocols SNMP
Status Indicators AL, LP, CD
Additional Information The card include an integrated data service unit/channel service unit (DSU/CSU)
Shielded cables STP Cat 5 should be used on E1 ports
Full support for T1 Facility Data Link (FDL)
Controller local loopbacks
Controller remote loopbacks
Firmware to support T1 and E1 Layer 1 homologation
User-initiated VWIC reset and field-programmable gate array (FPGA) download
Voice support (includes DS0-group and PRI-group configuration)
Drop and insert capability
MFT VWIC2s have an onboard slot for a multiflex trunk dedicated echo cancellation module (EC-MFT-32 and EC-MFT-64), offering an enhanced echo cancellation capability for demanding network conditions
Compatibility Cisco 2600XM series, Cisco 2691, Cisco 2800 series, Cisco 3700 series, and Cisco 3800 series routers
Cisco 1700 Series Modular Access Routers
Supported Network Module:


Certifications & Standards ITU-T G.164
ITU-T G.165
ITU-T G.168
RFC 1406

RFC 1406 MIB
T1 CSU MIB Support
Port Module MIB
T1/E1 Line Status Reporting


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