WS-X6724-SFP module price in Karachi
Cisco WS-X6724-SFP Module
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Cisco WS-X6724-SFP Module


Cisco 7600 Ethernet Module / Catalyst 6500 24-port GigE Mod: fabric-enabled (Req. SFPs)

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Model info: WS-X6724-SFP
Product Description Cisco Catalyst 6500/7600 Series SFP Gigabit Ethernet interface module WS-WS-X6724-SFP
Devide Tyde Gigabit Ethernet interface SFP module
Ports 24 * SFP Gigabit Ethernet ports
Forwarding Engine Architecture Centralized CEF engine located on supervisor’s PFCx makes forwarding decision Upgradeable to dCEF switching with optional WS-F6700-DFC3
Performance/ Forwarding Rate (Mpps) 720 Gbps using CEF; Up to 30 Mpps per system Using dCEF upgrade: up to 48 Mpps sustained per slot for modules equipped with DFC3 to support distributed forwarding *
Scheduler Deficit Weighted Round Robin (DWRR)
Queues Receive: 1 round robin queues, 8 threshold (2q8T when using dCEF) Transmit: 1 priority queue, 3 round robin queues, 8 threshold
Port buffers Receive: 166 KB per port Transmit: 1.17MB per port
Switch Fabric Connections single 20 Gbps channel connection to switch fabric on Supervisor Engine 720
Jumbo frame support for bridged and routed packets Up to 9216 bytes
Maximum port density per chassis 228 ports/6513E
192 ports/6509E
Supervisor engines supported Supervisor Engine 720
Chassis supported support all Cisco Catalyst 6500/7600 Series chassis except 6503
Slot requirements Any slot in any Chassis except 6503
Indicators Status: green (operational), red (faulty), and orange module booting or running diagnostics) Link: green (port active), orange (disabled), off (not active or not connected), blinking orange (failed diagnostic and disabled)


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