A4TECH FG2400 Air 2.4G Wireless QuietKey Combo Set
A4TECH FG2400 AIR Wireless Combo Set
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A4TECH FG2400 AIR Wireless Combo Set



Consistent Wireless Stability, [ Desk + Air ] Dual Functions, 2000 DPI 4-Level Adjustable, Screen Capture, On/Off Power Switch, 16- in-One, 2 Thumb Side Buttons, , Quiet Key, Type in Comfort Chocolate Keycaps, Operating System Swap, 4 Smart Hotkeys, HighElasticity Silicon


A4TECH FG2400 AIR Wireless Combo Set

Consistent Wireless Stability

Advanced 2.4 GHz powerful wireless connection with distances up to 10-15m.

[ Desk + Air ] Dual Functions

The innovative Air Mouse Function provides dual [Desk+Air] usage modes, turning your mouse into a multimedia controller by lifting it in the air—no software installation is required.

2000 DPI 4-Level Adjustable

Adjustable resolution 1000-1200-1600-2000 DPI

Screen Capture

4 types of screenshots (rectangular snip, free-form snip, windows snip, full-screen snip) for better working.

On/Off Power Switch

The power-saving design makes this wireless mouse a perfect on-the-go companion.


16 Gestures to perform selectable office commands with the right button. Download: download.a4tech.com

2 Thumb Side Buttons

The side buttons are preset as backward and forward functions and can be customized with software.

Quiet Key

Introducing the patented innovative technology “QuietKey” Keyboard, it is specially designed to provide a quiet typing environment, reducing the noise from 35dB to 14 dB.

Type in Comfort Chocolate Keycaps

The ultra-slim keycap structure provides responsive and comfortable typing.

Operating System Swap

Compatible with Windows/Mac systems, easily change the layout from one OS to another by pressing Fn + P / O. ** Windows is the default system layout.

4 Smart Hotkeys

Easy to access 4 functions (Screenshot Options, Emoji Symbols, Hide Application, Lock Computer).

High-Elasticity Silicon

High-elasticity silicon membrane for a fresh and comfortable typing experience.

Specifications Of A4TECH FG2400 AIR Wireless Combo Set
Connection: 2.4GHz
Operation Range: 10~15 m
DPI: 1000-1200-1600-2000
Style: Right-Handed Fit
Report Rate: 125 Hz
Character: Laser Engraving
System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 or Later, Mac OS 10.4 or Later

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